28 Mar

Security Doors Improve a Home’s Safety and Provide Peace of Mind

One of the wonderful things about summer days and evenings is leaving the doors open to create a comforting breeze through a home. However, many neighborhoods today are less than safe, suggesting leaving doors open is not a good idea. However, homeowners have another option to consider that makes it possible to leave doors open and still feel safe: security doors.

Design Options to Fit Virtually Any Home

When people think of a security door, many of them visualize those old designs that made people feel like they lived in a jail cell. Today’s security door designs from top producers are nothing like that. There are many styles available to meet the design needs of homes without creating that fenced-in feeling. The doors are offered in several colors to coordinate with a home’s overall color scheme.

Do They Really Work?

The interesting things about a modern security door is that is doesn’t look all that strong. However, the screening will stand up to wind-driven debris and all but the most determined thieves. Of course, that also means the doors will resist damage from children pushing on the screens, dogs, and other threats. Products from the best manufacturers even meet the standards of Miami-Dade building code requirements. In other words, there is little that seriously threatens a modern security door.

Explore the Options for Window Screens and Patio Doors

Entry door security is only one aspect of protecting a home while still allowing ventilation. Egress window screens are readily available to make any room in the home safer. Patio door screens are also produced to ensure every opening in a home is protected from damage and threats from anyone seeking to enter the dwelling without permission. Commercial property owners are also encouraged to look at the options available to enhance and protect business buildings.

Easy Opening in Case of Emergencies

Building codes and common sense both dictate that all egress windows be easy to open from the interior. That means a security door or window must always be designed to allow anyone to escape during any type of emergency.

If you’re looking for an alternative to an ugly security door that belongs in the past, contact a security door and window expert for advice. With the right products, homeowners won’t need to worry about their security even when windows and doors are left open to allow ventilation.